Watbotl is a concept brand made by me to demonstrate my art direction and product animation skills.


Storyboarding | Art Direction | Animation | Texturing

The process

First I started with making a logo for the project, so that it seems like a brand.

Although I could’ve modeled the bottle easily, I used a ready-made bottle from online to save time.

Next, I made storyboard for the animation. The thing is, I ended up changing sequence and animation style while working on the project, so this isn’t the final storyboard. But still, it helped me to be focused on what my goal was.

I made a rough draft to see if the direction I’m going for is good or not. I showed it to some people to get a feedback.

Main problems i figured out were:

1. The gobo (the tree shadow in the beginning) is moving very fast and almost looks fake because of it.

2. The bottle animation feels too fast when it comes out in the beginning.

3. The second scene has too many cuts and feels distracting.

4. The transitions feel very cheap in the end with the dark moody background

5. The logo in the end didn’t sync well with the transition.


But, I also thought about something more.
What if I make it a little stylistic in some parts of the animation? So that’s what I did, with some hand drawn motion trails and some dithering in some parts.

I thank myself for doing this for me.
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