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Consistency is the key to growth.

It is easy to be consistent if things are simple to follow.

That's what I provide to product businesses.

What I mainly do Here

3D Modeling




What More I can Do

Marketing Strategy

Brand Identity

Social Media Content

Web/App Graphics

2D Animations

Web Design/DevelopmentĀ 

Sound Designing

What I'm learning

Manufacturing info

Shipping info

New A.I. tools

The whole point of wanting to own a product business is to be free from the frustrating and boring 9-5 and build something better for the world yourself. But still, a lot of people like to stick to their jobs even if it means putting their passions away for a long time.


Because it is hard and full of uncertainty.

I support both ways. I used to be the one who didn’t, but I’ve learned. Some people prioritize financial stability so that they can enjoy the life in their own way and some people want to follow their passion and have visions of their own. Both are perfectly normal ways to live. But I’m willing to bet more and more people would want to follow their visions and open a product business if things weren’t so hard.

So, why is it so hard?

There’s literally so many things to consider! First of all, physical products need a lot of investments. Then, you have rely on other people for manufacturing and producing, you have to take care of the shipping. Not to mention, it is hard to scale, you need storage to store the products before they are sold. On top of that, physical products are harder to sell and there is after-purchase services as well!

Is there any way to make it easier to grow as a product business?

Yes, there is. That’s what I’m here for. Like I said, consistency is how you grow, and I can provide you clear ways so that being consistent becomes easier for you. My goal is to make things easier for you so that your dream of owning a product business comes true.

Currently, the best way I can make things simple for you is through 3D renders, animations and marketing strategies. But I’m learning new things to make product business simple for you and determined to help you in any process of your product business I can help in.

About Me



I’ve always been creative. At least I like to think so.
I’ve been a graphics designer professionally since 2019, but I’ve always loved to be creative since I was a kid, whether it is through drawing, photoshop, game development or music.
I’ve always liked the idea of being a freelancer and always liked the idea of chasing dreams even if they seem unrealistic.
I’m still on my journey to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. The only things that give me purpose is making art and helping people.

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