Jewelry Ring

This is a model project I did for a jeweler who needed the mold for a special ring he was making for wedding couples.
I turned this project into a 3D animation to showcase the jewelry design.


Storyboarding | Art Direction | Modeling | Animation | Texturing | Lighting

The process

So, in the beginning of the project, I talked to a jeweler from polymathdesigns, Morrow Levitt, and he talked about the whole project. 
It was supposed to be a special ring for the wedding couples themed around leaves.
Morrow showed me some drawing references to give an idea of what he’s after.

I had my confusions, so I asked him. After our discussion, I drew what I understood by the project and asked him if it is right

He corrected few things and after that we were good to go:

So, after several attempts, I was able to provide what Morrow was looking for.

But, I resumed the work and turned this diamond jewelry project into a 3D animation project. First I set up the scene to see how it looks before I can get started with the project. Some diamonds would be nice too.
I experimented with depth of field, glare and used whatever I felt is looking nice.

Rendered some wireframes and material overrides to see how they look:

And then animated everything, though I didn’t storyboard it beforehand, just went with whatever I could come up with, because it was a personal project from this point.

"The design says what it needs to about what it represents, and wastes no space. Thank you for all the work you've done for me, I didn't expect to get results this fast around this time of year in December"
Morrow Levitt
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