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Apple needs no introduction. One of the most influential brands out there and continuing to rise even higher. Ever since the come-back through iPod in 2001, they never stopped. Apple believes in challenging the status-quo and has been doing so since it was founded. 
The product I’m making the 3D renders and animations of is Apple iPhone 13 Pro. You can check out the real product here.


Storyboarding | Art Direction | Animation

The process

It started from the music I heard on YouTube and the model I found on SketchFab.
I did the storyboard on-the-fly.

I wanted to do 3 things from this project:
1. Make the video catch attention in the beginning
2. Add my touch of style in the beginning
3. To tell a story or invoke an emotion through it (especially nostalgic)

So, for the first part, I decided to make it a little fast-paced.
In the first few seconds, if you make video interesting, viewers are more likely to stay. Making video fast-paced keep viewers not-bored.

I came up with the plan to make animation change with every beat of the music. 16 different animations for first 16 beats (or for first 5 seconds).

That’s where I thought to add something a different art-style. One is hand drawn frames of iPhone animation and other is halftone style of iPhone animation:

Music did most of the heavy work in inducing nostalgic emotion.
I did add few more texture overlays and other stuff to make it more nostalgic but it felt too vintage to keep the modern style of the phone.

The rest of the video is the mixture of good lighting and composition.

"You again? Didn't you have enough fun ruining our apple watch that you started ruining iPhone too?"
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