Reimagining Lifestyles

Providing a fast paced lifestyle that matches that of a developed country

Hammer Lifestyle is a D2C and an FMEG (Fast moving electronic goods) brand dealing in fast paced lifestyle gadgets. Established in 2019, Hammer launched itself in 4 broad categories – Audio, Wearables, Grooming & Accessories. Hammer has expanded their product portfolio to smart wireless and IOT devices. In order to provide uncompromising quality and smart design in our gadgets, Hammer is upgrading everyday!

The product I worked on is Sting 3 Wireless In-Ear Neckband. You can check out the product here.


Storyboarding | Art Direction | Modeling | Animation | Texturing

The process

Here I did the breakdown of the process of modeling and lighting and texturing I did while doing this project, the problems I faced and how I solved them.

"Wow, you thought you'd just show up with this without us asking you and we'd be impressed by it? Nice try. Learn to design first."
Fake Testimonial
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