Personal Project

This is one of the few personal projects I’ve done for myself. 
I love vintage aesthetics of the 80s so I wanted to create a simple arcade machine and a simple room to go with it.


Storyboarding | Art Direction | Modeling | Animation | Texturing

The process

So, for this project, first I needed references to work from which I can mix with my vision. I found some images which I found amazing both compositional-wise and color-wise. Also, i found some references for the arcade machine as well.

For the screen of the arcade machine, I used the menu screen of one of my childhood games,Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, that I used to play with my brothers.

I modeled everything and added several other objects that goes with the scene, like a pool table, soda cans with tray, stools, lamps, etc.

I thank myself to make a good retro arcade room for me. Thank you, me.
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