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Apple needs no introduction. One of the most influential brands out there and continuing to rise even higher. Ever since the come-back through iPod in 2001, they never stopped. Apple believes in challenging the status-quo and has been doing so since it was founded. 
The product I’m making the 3D renders and animations of is Apple Watch Series 8. You can check out the real product here.


Storyboarding | Art Direction | Modeling | Animation | Texturing | Lighting

The process

Modeling and animating the apple watch required a lot of references.
So, that was my first task of the process. To find a lot of references that not only show the screen, but also shows the places it would connect with the straps, the bottom part and the buttons part. So, I found some references that fits with my process well. Some are from the Apple’s website and some are from reviewers and bloggers:

That gave me a basic idea of what and how to model the Apple Watch.
Modeling the base of the watch was simple and fun.

But it was the strap/band that became a problem at first.
I wasn’t able to quite fit it with the watch.
Here’s what I’m talking about:

As you can see, the strap/band is protruding out of the cavity, and it looks terrible. So, I modeled them again.
It took me a while to understand how to fit with perfectly but eventually I succeeded.
As you can see below, it fits perfectly now.

Now comes the animation part.
It is really necessary for most of the times to storyboard the animation before thinking of putting into animation because in case you get confused in your art direction, it takes a lot of time to correct the mistakes because animating is hard and time consuming.
So, even if the storyboarding is crude, it is much helpful to do it to have an idea of how you’re about to animate.
So, I made this very crude storyboard, which would make a lot of sense when you’ll see the final animation:

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